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Whip up an eco friendly laundry detergent for your use

by Ecofriend1874

Making your very own laundry detergent will not only help in saving some money for you, on a larger front it is also a contribution towards saving the earth. Adopting such greener practices in your daily ways of life is an effective measure to start reducing your carbon footprints. Remember, charity begins at home.

Laundry Clean

Laundry detergents that are sold in the markets pose extremely high risks to human health. They can cause various skin allergies to severe problems such as cancer, neurological disorders, poisoning etc. These detergents are environment unfriendly, as it releases harmful chemicals into the air and down the drains, polluting the water bodies. The best way is to make your laundry detergents back at home.

Here is how you can make your very own laundry detergent:

Basic supplies that you need:

want to wash clothes

  • Grater: Just a regular grater for grating the soap will do. A simple kitchen grater is the best for use.
  • Gloves: You can use them for personal protection. After all grating your nails with the soap is not that wise.
  • Container: You should also have a large container to store the detergent so made.

Main ingredients for making the laundry detergent

washing soda

  • One cup of washing soda/ sodium carbonate: Washing soda works as a water softener. It is also an effective stain remover.
  • One cup Borax/ Sodium borate: Borax is a mineral similar to baking soda; the only difference is that the pH level of borax is higher in comparison to washing soda. It is used because of its properties of being antifungal and antibacterial in nature. It can also dissolve dirt and remove unpleasing odors from your clothes.
  • One bar of Soap: Make sure you use a mild soap.

Procedure to make the eco friendly DIY detergent powder

Grate the soap

  • Grate the soap as finely as possible
  • Add borax and washing soda to the grated soap and mix well
  • Let the soap sink to the bottom of the container
  • Shake the mixture well before using it

Works well for baby and sensitive skin

Laundry Room

Since this detergent is very mild, it really works tremendously well for washing baby clothes and clothes of those who have highly sensitive skins. Using this detergent will not produce those irritable and painful rashes that you had to suffer with earlier.


Homemade laundry detergents are good for human skin, since they are mild and they are eco friendly in nature.

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