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Four-wheeled Personal Rover ensures safe and affordable riding

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A standard Segway often costs you above $5000. But here is a great opportunity to get a personal transporter for below $1000. The Personal Rover Electric Transportation Vehicle is a four-wheeled non-balancing rover and it works on an 800 watt motor. On a single recharge, the Rover can move you up to 12 miles at a speed of 15mph. The vehicle is an ideal transporter for open areas and you can be stored anywhere.

Behold The Poor Man’s Segway

A crazy person might have designed this low-priced Segway. Apart from the regular two tiers, the Rover has four hard rubber wheels to deal with rough terrains. The vehicle has a pair of ski for controlling instead of the regular T-handlebars. You just have to lean right and left holding the poles to move ahead on the skateboard, gliding around smoothly. It looks like a cross between a cross-country skiing and skateboarding.

The price and the affordability of the Segway are its main attractions. Maybe the large rubber tires and a boxy frame look a bit awkward, but this aspect too is trivial in comparison to its utility and price. It is also apt for those who fret about riding on a skateboard, because it has four strong wheels and a larger foot board. Beginners will enjoy a smooth ride with the Rover and remain safe all throughout.

Yet another notable feature is that you can store it in any cramped space or congested corner of your house. Fold up the entire package to a small unit and store it while not in use.

Via: OhGizmo

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