What Are The Worst Foods For Your Teeth?


It seems that everyone has different opinions about what you should eat and what you should not. When talking about foods that can damage teeth, you hear so many things that it is difficult to figure out what is actually true. Unfortunately, there are many foods that can damage teeth. This is why proper oral care is so important. However, some foods are more dangerous than the other. The offices of Lafayette Cosmetic Dentistry highlights the following as the worst possible foods for your teeth and why that is the case.


This is one most people do not know anything about. As bread is chewed, saliva breaks down starches. The result is sugar but it is transformed into a substance that is paste-like. Bread will then stick to crevices located between your teeth. This can so easily cause cavities. If you want to get some quick carbs into your system, try whole wheat bread. This is because less added sugars are present and breaking down ingredients into sugar is more difficult.

Sour Candies

Sure, candy is bad for your entire mouth but sour candy is particularly bad since it contains so many different acids. These acids are really tough on teeth. Also, due to the fact that sour candies are chewy, they can stick to teeth. This increase the possibility that decay is going to be caused. Whenever craving for some sweets, it is better to grab chocolate. You can quickly chew it and then wash it away if it remains stuck to your teeth.


Drinking alcohol is not that healthy. Everyone knows that. However, did you know that as you are drinking alcohol your mouth dries out? When the mouth is dry, saliva is lacking. Saliva is needed to keep teeth healthy as it washes away nasty food particles and prevents them from getting stuck to teeth. Saliva is even capable of repairing some early tooth decay or gum disease signs. You want to be sure your mouth is always hydrated. This is why dentists recommend you to drink a lot of water and you use oral hydration solutions or fluoride rinses. If you really want to drink alcohol, also drink water at the same time and always avoid eating.


Last but definitely not list, citrus fruits are tasty and good for your health because of the high vitamin C content. The problem is that acid content is also high. Enamel can be eroded so teeth are vulnerable to decay. Always drink and eat citrus sources in moderation. After you are done, rinse your mouth with water.

Carbonated Drinks

glass of cola with ice.Soda is often presented as a really bad drink for overall health. This does include the health of your tooth. When you drink a lot of carbonated soda your teeth are just as damaged as if you were using crack cocaine or methamphetamine. This is because the drink will actually enable plaque to increase acid production and tooth enamel is attacked. When drinking soda you coat teeth in nasty acid. Also, such drinks will dry out the mouth. We already mentioned why this is bad for you.

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