Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet: Unraveling the new electric car at the Beijing Motor Show

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are now firmly the future of automobile industry. With growing pressure on crude oil resources and fluctuations in gasoline prices, automakers and consumers are now starting to quickly look elsewhere. Add to this growing eco consciousness and the fact that many are willing to spend the extra buck for a silent and emission free clean ride, the demand of the future are electric cars. One of the biggest hurdles for a while now has been the lack of supporting infrastructure for EV drivers, but both Europe and North America are quickly correcting this situation.

VW E-Bugster Cabriolet

It is no surprise then that Volkswagen has just pulled the cover off its E-Bugster cabriolet at the Beijing Motor Show, which is pretty much an electrically powered Beetle. While the preview offered a glimpse of an electric vehicle, many question how serious Volkswagen is about the launching of a vehicle like E-Bugster Cabriolet though. For starters Volkswagen is not too keen on cutting down on the price tag of their electric cars to get a few more people to buy the EVs. Add to that the battery pack in the E-Bugster, which occupies the whole of the area where your rear seat sits and all you have is a two seater that could be pretty expensive.

The E-Bugster has a range of about 112 miles and also comes with regenerative breaking which will help it add some more juice while it is on the move. Volkswagen is set to unveil its production model Beetle cabriolet this November in LA and the E-Bugster might offer a few clues to what the vehicle will finally offer, and one would hope that some sort of electric engine does make its way into the 2012 Beetle to compliment its gasoline engine in a clean manner.

Via: Autocar

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