Using travertine tiles in a green way

With increasing awareness and knowledge about global warming and its effects on nature, more and more consumers are opting for eco-friendly products for their homes. Nature conscious folks want to make every effort in saving the planet by using products that help reduce carbon footprint or energy consumption and/or do not emit toxic substances in the environment amongst other factors. One such eco-friendly product is travertine tile that offers great benefits and is a product loved by designers as these tiles add a natural charm and beauty to your home décor giving a sophisticated yet trendy look. This sustainable material comes handy during home and office construction and remodeling. These tiles are durable and environment friendly. Travertine tiles are suitable for all areas as they are easy to maintain. They are loved by many homeowners as they pose as an environment friendly way of decorating the house. Once sealed, they do not absorb dust or chemicals thereby making your home bacteria free. Here are some cost effective and durable ways of using this eco friendly product.

Travertine flooring

Travertine is known for its beauty and it comes in variety of colors like beige, ivory, walnut, and many more. Travertine flooring is considered a great option for an eco-home, as it does not absorb odors, chemicals, and gases and is easy to clean. This low maintenance flooring option can prove to be a decorative choice for your house. It can also be used at areas where marble maintenance is impossible like entrance and stairs. You can choose amongst various finishing options for Travertine flooring like honed and filled or tumble and unfilled finish. The honed and filled finishing can give you a smooth surface along with clean even edges. If you choose tumbled, unfilled look, these tiles will give you rustic finish. Travertine tile flooring can give you a traditional look along with a smooth polished textured flooring. Its robust and long lasting qualities make it a preferred choice for house carpeting.

Travertine walls

Travertine tiles are considered a soft stone that is similar to limestone. It is a form of a marble, which is considered apt for decorating the walls, and with its pastoral, yet elegant look it is a choice of many traditional folks. It gives a neutral look to the house and for those who want to beautify their rooms in earthy tones travertine tile will be a good choice. They are more appealing than the man-made wall options. Home walls require lot of maintenance including finishing requirements each year to maintain a clean look. Travertine walls are the most user friendly and cost effective solution to beat this challenge. These tile walls do not require any abrasive or acidic cleaners to clean them.

Other eco ways of using travertine tiles

Travertine tiles are ecologically friendly and inclement weather proof and are resistant to environmental changes such as heat or freezing. They do not contain any VOCs and are thus better than their non eco-friendly counterparts are. They can be used as additives for park seatings, parking curbs, and building materials. This natural stone can also be suitable as tabletops and end tables. Manufacturers are also using this material to create kitchen countertops, sink counters, tub surrounds and many more such indoor fixtures. It can be used for your eco home outdoor fixtures like around pool surrounds, driveways and more such decorative areas.


Travertine is available in many natural shades making it a right choice for many soft and calm ambience lovers. Travertine also comes in various finishes. The polished finish is most common in commercial applications, honed is a popular home choice, saw cut offers a matt finish, tumbled look is the most sought after finish, and brushed finish gives an antique look. You should always choose the color, finish, and thickness of these tiles depending on your requirements – the area where they will be installed. Travertine tiles come in various sizes ranging from small pieces suitable for mosaic tiles to large-scale tiles. Before you plan to shop for travertine tiles, ensure that you know the industry terms in order to choose the type and grade of tile most appropriate to suit your needs. You can use your creative bent to use these tiles in your home and office and contribute your little share in saving the environment. These tiles are easy to use and provide a comfortable and natural environment to your eco home.

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