UpTo35: The eco friendly Meta Mosaic architecture plan for student housing

UpTo35 - Meta Mosaic

The Meta Mosaic architecture plan is basically designed to fulfill the purpose of student housing in a very effective style. This eco friendly architecture basically includes the historical triangle concept combined with the use of mosaic. It solves the dual purposes in man’s life. One side the basic individual units of the house are meant for the personal residential purpose. At the same time, sufficient common area is also provided to establish a healthy interaction with neighborhood houses.

Apart from resolving the housing issue, the Meta Mosaic also provides the vegetable roof gardens and a large common space which can further be used for various other flexible uses by the students. The flexible Meta Mosaic housing project efficiently contributes to the society by doing different functions. Ultimately, it leads to useful planning and cost cutting medium of building houses. Further, each student unit of the house is decided with dimensions of 6.30 meters depth and 2.80 meters wideness. The size of each student unit is made sufficiently enough to solve all the needs of them. The flexibility in design process enables the developer to easily join the two big rooms and convert them into single big room assembled with one bathroom facility. Besides, a large spacious kitchen and larger bedrooms are also provided.

Each level of building is extended via long corridors and hence a person can easily have interaction with neighbor living in side portion. On the other side, the folded design of the house can easily provide the shaded facility to the roof gardens, which is one of the main highlights of the Meta Mosaic housing plan. Overall, roof gardens can be efficiently used by students as a gathering point or growing vegetation and so can efficiently contribute to environment protection.

The four major plots situated in the middle are provided with larger garden areas. So, it is said that students can effectively accommodate some other needs such as fitness area, reading space, cafe house and many more. On the other side, the community space is designed at basement level for all smaller portions of the housing. The facility of extended parking style is especially provided to seventeen and twenty level of the house. However, the parking area can easily be made bigger by including two other levels of the building i.e – fifteen and sixteen. The entire structure of the building enables the student to have control access of the areas.

The entire construction of the building is divided into two major categories. First, the prefabricated slabs and secondly, the load bearing interior walls made of concrete. The use of sand land brick as a main ingredient of concrete walls provides a reasonable medium of establishing affordable insulation purpose of the house. Besides, a normal soothing temperature is maintained inside of the house. The outer panels and windows made up of wood material, and are linearly attached to light weighted pyramid shaped wooden arrangements. The triangular shaped pockets, which acts as a breathing cavities helps to maintain proper ventilation of the house, by protecting each loggias from direct sun-rays. Hence, they act as winter gardens at times. As a result, student can easily enjoy the warm of sun during winter times.

Though the Meta Mosaic housing is entirely made environment friendly but still some mechanical set up is done, so that student can adjust them as per their needs. A special facade is provided which appears as series of leaves. They basically help to adjust the position of the main sunshade leaf to adjust the winter garden shades as per the requirement. The gas condensing boilers and solar panels majorly contribute towards maintaining the heating condition of the house. The photovoltaic system is also one the main highlights of the Meta Mosaic project of housing. Therefore, the purpose of electric power use is also solved efficiently.

Besides, the water-saving plumbing machines and the grey water recycling set up is extremely beneficial part of the house. This entire project made it possible to use the recycled water for some secondary applications like in toilet. Finally, such an arrangement is made that the effluent of the toilet ultimately goes to the waste water system. Hence, the Meta Mosaic housing plan is so much advanced from conventional housing designs in terms of various beneficial features.

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