Five most unusual vehicles powered by biofuels

Vehicles powered by biofuels

Today, in a world, where pollution is growing at a fast pace and the fact that all of us face many health problems because of that, we need to urgently find ways to make this world a cleaner and a greener place to live in. There are so many vehicles running on the roads, each adding their share of pollution. But, as these vehicles have become an inevitable part of our lives, we should find vehicles that are pollution free so that the future generations can live healthier and cleaner lives. There are already some such engines that do run on bio fuels. Bio fuels are made from natural substances which burn completely without giving out harmful gasses that cause pollution. But, due to economies of scale, bio fuels are more expensive than the usual petrol and diesel. The other factor against bio-fuels is that their energy content is lesser than conventional fuels. None-the-less, efforts are being made, the world over, to make the bio-fuels more viable and the vehicles more popular, for a better future for all.

Here is a list of five some unusual vehicles powered by bio-fuels:

1. Biodiesel Hummers

Biodiesel Hummers

These cars are the same as Hummers usually are. But, the catch is, that they run on biodiesel, fuel that is made from decomposed plants. The fuel when used gives out the least amount of pollution making the vehicle completely eco-friendly. Biodiesel Hummers are the ultimate replacement for the usual gasoline ones and are slowly becoming really popular among Hummer lovers. The biodiesel Hummer gives a mileage of 19 mpg and you can also get your gasoline Hummer converted to a biodiesel one.

2. Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

These vehicles use two sources of fuel. One of them being a conventional source like petrol and the other being the eco-friendly one, that is electricity. By using electricity, a part of the emissions of the vehicle are completely harmless. These vehicles, thus have a higher mileage as well. These vehicles have an internal combustion engine and an electric one.

There is a long list of hybrid vehicles that exist today. From scooters, bicycles, mopeds to heavy vehicles like trains, ships, aircraft and even cranes, all come in the hybrid form. A new form of hybrid vehicles is the human-powered electric form. This includes electric bicycles and electric skateboards, etc. There are also a range of passenger vehicles that are now coming in the hybrid form. Most of the passenger car makers are coming up with newer varieties of hybrid with improved technologies. These vehicles are pollution free, but the cost of fuel is a bit of a concern in this case as well.

3. Electric cars with nanotechnology batteries

Electric cars with nanotechnology batteries

The advantage of nanotechnology batteries is that they are very light in weight and take very less time to recharge. They also, are more durable and therefore last longer.

Engines running on these types of batteries boast of zero emissions! Moreover, according to some studies, Nano Lithium-X battery technology has the best output of energy as compared to other technologies available. Nanotechnology offers higher rates of battery charging and more energy supply as compared to other eco-friendly sources of energy.

4. Green races

Green races

Since road races are a rage among race lovers, we also need to find ways to have eco-friendly races for a cleaner future. An example of this was Audi which won a race with its bio-diesel powered car. Efforts are being made by the organizers of these events to reduce their carbon footprints and introduce more vehicles that run on bio-fuels, to the racing track.

5. Travel to the green way

Travel to the green way

Alternative rocket fuels are being devised to help us reach space in a greener way. As the outer space is light years apart, this is much easier to talk about than made a reality. Although, with successful prior experiences of bio-fuels with jets and fast cars, bio-fuels do give a ray of hope in this arena as well. We can now confidently say that bio-fuels will surely work well to give energy to spaceships. The use of rocket fuel, which is inevitable today may not be so in the future. The harmful emissions of this fuel should be done away with, as soon as possible. As going to outer space, now-a-days, is a regular phenomenon, we surely need to work on bio-fuels as a reliable source for rockets as well.

With so many new vehicles running on bio-fuels and newer ones being worked on, we can surely expect a greener future for the world.

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