Uniq: An electric scooter concept with a ‘hybrid’ style

Very few of the aficionados can deny the ‘overpopulation’ of flaunting yet insentient concepts in the ever thriving field of automotive design. But when it comes to adroit automobile creations, innovative designers look for an exclusive factor, which would push their contrivance from a multitude of other conceptions. Well, in this case, Indian industrial designer Kiran Gangadhran has certainly demonstrated his unique factor, with the Uniq electric scooter concept for the year 2040.

Uniq electric scooter concept

Envisaged as a trike with an invariably futuristic connotation, the sleek vehicle will supposedly bridge the gap between two wheelers and four wheelers. Now, beyond the three wheel oriented design, the intrinsic form and attributes transcends to the level of personal user experience. In simpler words, according to the designer, the driver will feel the unabated freedom of two wheelers, while still deriving the imposing pleasure along with the associated safety of four wheelers.

The external bearing in itself alludes to this ‘hybrid’ nature of maneuvering. The overall chassis is kept on the compact and balanced side, with two large semi hubless tires on the rear side and a smaller wheel at the front. Almost ‘Batpod-esque’ in its demeanor, the inherent aerodynamic propensity along with the sharp lines certainly jumps from the linearity of the conventional scope.

But beyond the symphony of contrasting visual styles, it is the ‘green’ side of affairs that has caught our attention, here at EcoFriend. The low emission power train of the vehicle will comprise of sturdy electric motors, embedded within the system of the conspicuous rear wheels, while the expansive spatial volume of the mid section will house the battery component. Finally, to accentuate upon its sustainable credentials, the bulging wind screen can be infused with advanced transparent solar cells for generation of further clean power. By this, the designer endeavors to tread that fine line between smooth driver experience and essential green technology.

Via: KiranGangadhran

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