The Tuirrean showers the comfort of a car and excitement felt while riding a motorcycle

In an attempt to make people travel in a safe yet Eco-friendly manner, designer Shawn Puhlman has come up with a vehicle concept christened the Tuirrean. The three wheeled electric creation will make people move around in clean and green way with all the safety features in place.

The Tuirrean

The Tuirrean is a crossover between a car and a motorcycle. It will give the pleasure that one feels while riding a bike, while makes sure that the riders remain safe just like a car. The electric concept has two seats- one has been placed in the front and the other at the back.

It is a practical vehicle that will make moving around the city pollution free. The in-line ride has an impressive facade that will make people stare at it whenever the vehicle moves on the road. The comfort coated ride has been crafted in a spectacular way that won’t gulp down precious gasoline and can be charged easily with the help of a normal household socket.

The Tuirrean has a curvy outline that redefines styling of a three wheeled ride. Two wheels of this all electric vehicle have been placed in the front while the back just has one wheel. A glass pane runs throughout the center of the vehicle, starting from the front and stretching up till the roof. This gives a great view while riding and makes maneuvering the vehicle effortless.

The Tuirrean will leave a great impression on both car as well as motorcycle lovers. So, enjoy the comfort and safety of car, while you enjoy the thrill that comes tagged while riding a motorcycle with this awe-amazing electric creation.

Via: Coroflot

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