Truck Stop to revitalize urban space with green furniture

We all are fond of street dining but growing population and limited space have made cities overcrowded. Whether it’s a mall or a park, it becomes really hard to find a seating place in primary hours of the day. With the green design named “Truck Stop”, Rux Architects have tried to overcome this problem by installing sustainable furniture at Edgar Plaza, NYC. This flexible furniture will be completely eco friendly with temporary, low cost and reusable installation.

Truck Stop by Rux

The furniture will be crafted using bamboo with considerable space in serpent like shape to accommodate food trucks. This unique shape will divide Edgar Plaza into zones, serving different purpose like seating, waiting and pedestrian crossing. The street vendors can take their desired spots and serve people with delicious food and comfortable seating. It will also make dining experience enjoyable during morning and afternoon rush hours when finding proper food with adequate seating place becomes a struggle. Apart from being green, the furniture presents iconic style as well. The stylish lighting system offers an attractive and safe environment that creates an inviting ambiance.

Via: Rux Design

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