Treat your home and environment with Planika Decor’s GF21 ethanol fireplace

planika decors gf21 ethanol fireplace

People with a penchant for classy objects can try out the new and elegant GF-21 ethanol fireplace being marketed by Planika Decor. Its sophisticated design is surely a product of artistic brilliance. The colourful flames (especially vibrant yellow) emanating from the stylish fireplace is a visual treat for human eyes. The advantage of two additional optical containers is that they help in spraying an endearing fragrance across the entire room. The ethanol fireplace is a cheap and potent source of heat. The gases that are emitted from it are also harmless in nature. Till date the most standard and widespread sources of heat to dry the surrounding air, were radiators or electric heaters. There is no production of sparks, smoke, ashes and black soot from these highly efficient fireplaces. Putting about 300 ml of Brennsprit into the cartridge will result in the fireplace burning for 1.5 hours at a stretch.

It’s available with a stainless steel plate, glass cylinders, a stainless steel cup, 2 units of ceramics, 2 units of decorative stones, decorative sand, metal lifters and an operating manual guidebook. GF-21 fireplaces require either ethanol or bio-ethanol, which are easily and abundantly available.

Source: Muenkel

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