A delightful little candle holder made out of trash

innovative candle

Light provides us with most important of all senses- the sense of sight. While we take the existence of both that sense and the light that helps us see for granted; when the sun sets and darkness sets in; we need to turn to different options to provide us with the gift of sight. Modern technology offers us various options to set our homes bright and glowing with artificial lighting. But there are still times and circumstances when electricity fails us. This could be either because of unforeseen circumstances or because of the fact that there are some places where it just can’t reach.

Then we turn to more traditional ways of lighting up our surroundings. This is where candles come in handy. Now I’m not claiming that candles are the latest invention nor do I wish to say that candle holders are a ground breaking innovation. But two well known designers Kathi Stertzig and Albio Nascimento have designed anew candle designer out of an old extension cord. Ok, I do agree that this is not a modern marvel or a life-altering innovation.

innovative candle 2

But the bright little idea just reminds us that by improvising on little things around us each day we can save a lot on our bills as well as save the planet by adding less trash to it. Every old object that you discard might be of some use to you if one can use a bit of imagination and also try to think a tad bit out of the box. It is at these times that I believe that the experience of age and the wisdom of the world needs to merge with the enthusiasm and amazing creativity of a kid’s brain. That is when one can create something useful out of trash. Here is another fine example.

Via: Inhabitat

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