40-year old innovation cools and heats your home without electricity


Some of the greatest innovations ever to be made were always initially branded as lunatic attempts with no purpose or use. It seems that the world is always comfortable in castigating what it does not understand as not worthy of a look. It is this tendency that has led to some of the most brilliant minds of all time, whether scientific or artistic, to spend most of their lives if not all in misery. It was 40 years ago that Harold Hay, who is now 98, invented a very unique way to heat and cool a home and that was called Skytherm.

But it has never recognized both the acclaim and the financial help that it needs and deserves. Skytherm is an awesome way of keeping the temperature of your home at around a constant mark without having to deal with the air conditioning systems that we use daily. It is an absolute marvel as it talks about an amazing way of regulating temperature and does not use electricity to do it. While all the modern inventions are aimed at using solar energy and converting it in to electricity, this invention of Hay needs nothing more than water to make sure it work.

But the main problem with the design seems to be that every home needs to be built from scratch to make sure this works. Now considering the amount of energy crisis the world seems to be having, this is not much to ask of. Moreover, had we started building structures like this way back in the late 70’s, by now we might have saved tons of energy. Let’s face it; I see plenty of stuff each day and each of them claim to be the savior of the planet bys saving a part of your bills or by saving a little energy. Now I’m not saying that they are not necessary, but if we can put over all of them and give them a chance, then surely we can give this a chance too.

skytherm house

Science is not about getting it right the first time, but about trying till you get it right. It has no fixed direction or principles. It is made of rigid laws that are as flexible as your imagination and creativity. While it is nice to see so many inventions come up that use solar energy, maybe it is time we finally give a chance for this invention that uses the elements itself. 40 years is a very long wait to see the love of your life come to life. But it is much more painful if you can never see its splendor. This invention is surely bound to see the light some day. One just hopes that that day comes very soon.


Via: Black Sun Journal

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