Top 5 Green Countries in the world

Nations Of The World To Have Most Effective Ecosystem Vitality

In the year 2010, Yale University’s “Center for Environmental Law & Policy” together with Columbia University’s “Center for International Earth Science Information Network” brought up EPI or “Environmental Performance Index” to show ranking of nations, which were most victorious in attaining “Millennium Development Goals 2015”. To attain this goal, nations are asked to reduce poverty rate and perilous diseases. Besides this, it is equally imperative for countries across the globe to promote a considerable increase in sustainable ecosystems.

What is EPI?

EPI or “Environmental Performance Index” is actually a technique of enumerating and statistically initializing country’s environmental performance considering its green policies. Moreover, EPI also rely on scoring system that is based on two factors namely environmental soundness and ecosystem vivacity. Ecosystem Vitality is composed of scores lined up with the increase in natural resources, immaculate environmental conditions and biodiversity. Besides this, Environmental Health reflects dilemmas of life such as unhygienic water resource, air polluting and disease.

Top Five Green Countries Of World

  • Switzerland: Switzerland is ranked as most beautiful and environmentally stable country of the world. Breathtaking nature and scenic views of the nations contributes to its thriving success. However, local people still put themselves out to create more green society. To make people adopt healthy habits, Swiss government decided to impose fee for throwing out thrash in country.


  • Latvia: With 70.37 ecosystem vitality in the country, Latvia is ranked second most green nation in EPI list. Pristine nature of Latvia shows off local people’s concern for clean and healthy environment. In addition to this, Latvia serve manifold alternatives for green sightseeing ranging from simple prowling in wood to exceptional offers for hunters and bird watchers. An individual can have an easy access to riches of Latvia’s green environment.


  • Norway: Norway is the third country to enter this queue of most green nation of the world. Norway endures the consequences of global warming and this is the leading cause why nation is trying its level best to protect the land from upcoming ruinous scenario. Norway government together with local people endeavors to develop in to carbon neutral.


  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg has been ranked as fourth in EPLI list for its sound environmental health. Luxembourg is proud owner of CRTE or “Center for Environmental Technology” that deal in the field of eco-design, renewable energies, life-cycle analysis and eco-construction.


  • Costa Rica: Government of Costa Rica dedicates itself to tag along Iceland exemplar for renewable source of energy. This nation has intended to grow into a carbon neutral country by 2021. Costa Rica underwent deforestation for many years to prepare sufficient land for agriculture. However, nation is now focusing on reforestation by plating more than five-million saplings in just 5 years.


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