New Technologies Promise to Turn Eco-Friendly Trucks into Reality

Eco friendly trucks – the environment saviors

Considering all the factors, trucks are not considered to environment friendly vehicle. They pollute the environment with large and chunky engines. But, with the advent of technology, trucks can also contribute to the environment. The first step in this procedure is to reduce the amount of carbon. Car manufacturing companies have successfully developed passenger vehicles that run on clean fuel and do not pollute the environment. in the same way, truck manufacturing companies like Mercedes and Volvo are working on heavy engines that work on the same mechanism as in electric and hydrogen cars.


Saving fuel

The hydrogen and clan fuel technology is still under development and one cannot be sure of its facility. In the mean time, companies are making their trucks more eco friendly by reducing the emission of pollutants. They reduce the carbon footprint by enhancing it with chemicals. This also increases the life on engine components and also saves fuel. Saving the fuel will help the environment as the truck releases lesser percentage of pollutants.

Future concepts with eco friendly truck eco trucks

Lifting heavy blocks might be daunting task for any machine. There are a number of contraction and engineering companies that rely heavily on eco friendly truck mounted eco trucks.Smith capital is one of the leading companies that provide all types eco friendly trucks for your business needs. You can choose from a number of models depending on your construction needs. With over four decade experience, the organization has catered to the need of all types of companies. It also supplies heavy duty trucks which includes eco trucks and drill for construction.


All the equipments in the company are eco friendly. The platinum series of eco trucks offer high quality service as they can lift heavy weights with ease.Platinum series consists of truck mounted eco trucks that can also be used in the drilling procedures. These eco trucks are made with heavy joints and robust connecting rods. These machines can be easily operated with the help of remote control. With the help of remote control, the operator can operate these eco trucks in a much better manner. It also consists of radio control to keep the operators informed at all times. The electronic control mechanism helps in controlling the eco trucks up to 360 degrees. All the models are based on the proportional hydraulic shaft mechanism which ensures easy operation and better safety for the operator and is also helpful in saving the environment. The platinum series truck mounted eco trucks provide much improved performance when compared to conventional eco trucks. The best feature of these eco trucks is the remote control operation and better safety.


The crane operator has the full control of crane irrespective of the mounting. You can easily direct it with the help of a remote control. It not only increases the production capacity but also provides sustainable support. The customer can choose from a plethora of 350 models that can also be customized as per your needs. If you are looking for high quality heavy duty equipment for your business, then truck mounted eco trucksis the best option for you.  There are also more than forty six series of high quality eco friendly machines which you can choose or customize. The large eco trucks are also mounted on truck but most of them have the base inside the ground. The classic and platinum line consists of high end eco friendly trucks that release very less percentage of fuel as compared to conventional trucks. With the increasing use of technology in automobile sector, companies are also working on various models which contribute to the environment.

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