Tips for reducing your carbon footprint while air traveling

Tips for reducing your carbon footprint while air traveling

Even though the airplane industry is not as humongous as other modes of transportation, it causes a highly significant negative effect on the environment. And, with increasing number of planes and people flying every day, the carbon is being released at an alarming rate in the environment. The gases emitted by planes are contributing rapidly to heating up of the planet, thus, leading to global warming.

Issues as big as global warming require collective effort on our part. People are becoming more and more conscious about the rapidly depleting condition of the environment, most of the people around the globe are engaging in activities that would reduce carbon footprint.


What is carbon footprint?

What is carbon footprint?
What is carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint of a person is the amount of greenhouse gases or carbon that is contributed by a person in a given span of time.

While at times we are unable to avoid traveling by air, we can still make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and fulfill our part in conserving the environment.

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Try to avoid flying

This is a no-brainer; the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by avoiding flying as much as you can. If there is any possibility of taking some other mode of transportation, try to take it instead of flying. It might be uncomfortable but if we can all bear a little discomfort, we can save the nature.

Opt for carbon offsets

You can make a significant effort to reduce the carbon footprint by booking your flight in an airline that lets you choose carbon offsets. Basically, the airline will calculate the estimated carbon footprint that you are likely to leave by your journey and will charge you a fee to remove it from the environment.

The money goes to a third party that will plant trees, stop deforestation, and make other such efforts to remove your carbon footprint of flying.

Take vacations nearby

When deciding where to travel next, try to pick a destination that is close to your hometown. If you are not particularly zealous about a destination, you can try to accommodate a place that is not far away yet fulfills your vacation expectations.

You can avoid long flights, thus, reducing your carbon contribution.

Go for eco-friendly airlines

With the increasing consciousness about carbon emissions among customers, airlines are coming up with different ways to reduce air pollution. There are airlines that use fuel-efficient planes. You can find eco-friendly airlines using Google’s software, ITA Matrix. It can give you a list of eco-friendly airlines.

Choose direct flights

Connecting flights are not only frustrating but cause more pollution than a direct flight. You can reduce your carbon footprint by simply taking routes that allow you to take direct flights to your destination. Plan your journey in such a manner that you can avoid connecting flights as much as possible. The shorter your distance, the lesser pollution you cause.

Fly economy

Economy seats are not the most comfortable, we agree, but by choosing to fly by economy class, you can help in conservation of the environment.

Business class seats take more space than economy seats which means business class accommodates lesser people. Economy class, on the other hand, can accommodate a large number of people which reduces the overall carbon footprint of an individual which is nine times lesser than that of a person traveling by business class.

Use the loo before flying

This might come as an unusual tip but by using the loo before boarding the place, you can actually reduce your carbon footprint. The energy used to flush a toilet in a plane is enough for an economy car to cover a distance of 10 km; surprising, isn’t it? Remember this tip the next time you fly.

Combine your trips

A great way to reduce your share of air pollution is by combining your trips. If you are going to a destination for business purposes, try to accommodate a vacation in it so that you don’t have to fly separately to go on a vacation. You could even use other modes of transportation to travel nearby your destination and combine work with pleasure for the sake of the environment.

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