Time for some Nature Loving Barbeque

Most of us love doing a barbeque on Sundays and calling friends over. Since this is most enjoying if someone has a fetish for making grilled sea food or steaming hot vegetables, its better if we go the nature’s way. Let us find out the best possible ways that we can save our environment. Gone are the days of plastic papers, cutlery or waste that you used to dispose of and felt happy. With global warming, and other affects happenings, its best to stay away and mend our ways naturally.


  1. The source of Fire: When doing the barbeque, burning wood or charcoal is harmful to the environment as well the smoke may disturb those who have sensitive respiratory tract. Natural charcoal is a better option since it has no harmful substances or additions. Wood, charcoal or oil smokes more and pollute the surrounding as well. In urban living areas, if you smoke much, you can be fined too.
  2. Don’t use non-biodegradable waste: Plastic plates, cutlery, junks must not be used just to make your home stay clean for the day. It is not only polluting the environment but it will stay for years without getting broken down. Your home cutlery can be used instead and you can dishwash them once your party is over. For more, you can also use paper cups or paper plates if you want to stay away from washing dirty utensils.
  3. Try and opt for organic food: Local meat, farm picked vegetables will not only be a healthy option to serve but also be environmental friendly. Buying stuff locally will also help you save a lot of gas, or petrol saving you from burning fuel which is exhaustible.
  4. Say no to Cans: Thousands of tons of aluminium is thrown away and needs time and money to be recycled. So, for this barbeque, you must need to convince your friends for drinks that are greener like home-made squashes. Coolers instead of beer cans which are just going to fill up the bins at the end of the get-together.
  5. Think and Defrost: If you are planning to defrost the food items by doing it in the microwave think of keeping in the fridge for the night before the BBQ. It will help you save some energy in the form of electricity.
  6. Love your Nature: Since you are burning charcoal and not wood to save from smoking the environment its best if you choose a particular location for barbeque. Those looking for a disposable barbeque must think before as it takes a lot of time and waste money in recycling it. Wash the vegetables in a bowl of water instead of doing it under running water. This will save water and you can save the same for cleaning dishes.
  7. Do not waste food: Packaged meats, beverages do pollute the surrounding. If you have told your friend to bring in something to eat, make sure they do not bring much so that it is wasted. Also, the food that is left can be kept for next day in the refrigerator.

With all these, you can manage an eco-friendly barbeque, and also make delicious food for your family and friends. You may spend more on organic charcoal and fresh vegetables but if you love nature, you can easily practice it, this summer. Be it a weekend get together or a farewell party or a house warming with your dear and near, eco-friendly barbeque is just the right word this season. Happy Barbequing!

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