This Week (20-26 Nov): The best blogs on eco friendly products

featheproduct The Vivavi Blog on eco friendly products has featured the Scrapile Hexagon Stools well, with people in mind who are interested in purchasing the stools. The Science Blog informs us how fiber from feathers can literally replace part of the plastics in many products. Huge amount of wastes are generated by a hospital each day. The Worker Bees Typepad provides us with one way on how hospitals can cut down on their environmental impact by switching over to eco friendly medical supplies. Easy Ways to Save the World while guiding on how to buy and try eco friendly cleaning products, suggests malt vinegar as a good product for cleaning windows. Ecostreet introduces a remarkably simple invention screened by Dragon’s Den a programme by BBC2, where potential entrepreneurs set themselves up for a fall. The show featured a guy who had developed a gadget which was easily fitted to a flush toilet and which limited the flow of water, thus saving gallons.

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