Innovate with Your Bedroom Environment

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What is your most favorite retreat from the ever demanding world? Hope preferably it’s your cozy bedroom! And one hunts for the maximum comfort from this retreat zone. So, unlike most, I would prefer to invest more on this then my luxury car where I spend far less time then my humble bed. But, how and where to start with? The solution is with New Zealand’s designer Dan Gillingham.

Designed to explore the notion of ‘rest whether it be while awake or through sleep and how we choose to create our own personal space to rest and relax in’, Designmobel created this fine bed. It aims to challenge the conventional definition of the bedroom environment. There is a well blend of optional accessories and aluminium detailing. A minimalist side lamp and aluminium tray would inculminate the aesthetic sense, but perhaps the most exciting feature is how the shelves can seamlessly accommodate an iPod and Bose speaker system. The conceptual design of Pause is crafted from solid New Zealand Rimu detailed with aluminium.

Via: Gizmag

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