The Top Trendiest Types of Mirror for Home Decor


Decorative wall mirrors are much more than just a piece of glass. They hold deeper meanings than simply helping you dress up and see your reflection.  When we walk by a mirror, we hardly realize its existence. At first glance, a mirror might seem such a simple thing to you – merely a piece of glass you use on a daily basis without even thinking about it.

Mirrors for HomeIt is not like that.

This everyday item is so common in our lives at home and office. In a commercial setting. And even during a simple drive to the grocery store. We, often, never think twice about all the mirrors we come by. In fact, most of the time, we do not even notice the extent to which we are surrounded by mirrors all the time today.

But, did you ever realize mirrors are much more than just a piece of glass?

Yes, they are!

You use them to achieve a perfect hair-style. Or to put on your lipstick to perfection. And mirrors are minimal home décor items. A single large wall mirror can be used to greatly enhance the look of living space. Thus, they’re preferred by interior designers and decorators.

What Else?

Mirrors play a huge rule in your everyday life. Since your childhoods, the mirrors that you look into every single day have been working to developing a sense of self in you. Build a perspective and critically measure your own selves. And overcome the feelings of social anxiety and awkwardness.

Mirrors for Home

Having characterized all the advantages of mirrors, there is no surprise that people prefer to have frameless wall mirrors in their homes.

Think for a moment, would you be able to replace your “house” with “home” if you could not even see yourself there?


That is why people love decorating their homes with large wall mirrors all around. Not only does a wall mirror create great lighting, but it also makes your home look bigger and more spacious.

Furthermore, it is often believed that mirrors reduce negative energy in your living space and replace it with positive energy. Of course, nobody denies the need to keep looking amazing and how mirrors help in doing that for you.

But, you must also keep in mind that decorating your home mirrors can be simple yet so intricate.


As AndreeaAvramRusu sums it up, there are no rules to decorating with mirrors. This is what makes it so difficult.

So, be it a large wall mirror or frameless wall mirrors, keep the following factors in mind when decorating your space with those glass beauties.

1. The Purpose

The PurposeOf course, your purpose for using the mirrors here is decoration, but you should also keep in mind that mirrors are to reflect. So, whether you place it in an empty room or a room full of furniture, consider what it is being placed against. The reflection, which a mirror gives to a commodity, adds to its significance in your home. So, it is always a great idea to hang your wall mirror in front of a great family picture.

The rule is to make sure that your mirror is placed across something special- something you would want to highlight in your room. Adding to this, setting it against a window will add great light and aura in the room.

2. The Height Matters

It is essential to consider, along longitudinal lines, where the mirror will be hung. But it is also crucial to understand that always hanging your small decorative wall mirror at eye-level can get slightly dull. But even hanging them too low means that they break too often, especially with children around.

3. Covering Entire Walls

Covering Entire WallsUsing large wall mirrors is often seen as a step to enhance the spaciousness of a room. But it is a great aesthetic. That is why they look so great in small rooms, especially if the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

4. Mirror on Center Pillars

A central pillar is the one point where placing a mirror all around will create a fantastic effect every time. This is because a mirror makes the most amazing focal point. Hence, this glass piece on the pillar will bind the entire room together.

The Types of Mirrors to Use for Decoration

Of course, way of decorating your home with mirrors will be significantly affected by your choice of mirror design and style. Choosing the right mirror for the right space will give life the décor in your house.

That’s why we are here to help you.

The following are some trendiest types of mirrors that you could use for your home décor.

1. Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless Wall MirrorsFrameless wall mirrors are mirrors that have no borders at their edges. It really gives the mirror an abrupt yet soothing finish. Frameless wall mirrors add to lighting with those extra mirror space and are most commonly found in bathrooms.

This is because frames are a huge drawback when it comes to handling moisture, and may slowly lose grip over the mirror. Another advantage of a frameless mirror is that it is excellent for small spaces where you cannot afford to lose your mirror surface behind a frame. When installed in small bathrooms, they allow natural light to travel through them, adding to the ambiance of your space.

However, frameless wall mirrors will also have cons. The look of these mirrors may not always be as appealing as it sounds. This bad look may further accentuate when the edges chip away without a frame to hold them together.

2. Custom Mirrors

Perhaps the best part about decorative wall mirrors is that they could be designed exactly as per your requirements. So, for instance, you have a completely round room in your house which is not found in most homes. You would want the mirror for such a room to be curved so that you may hang it on the wall. You cannot ever find such a mirror premade.

But you can get a custom-made wall mirror for that room. It really opens up doors for several different designs and gives you the freedom to set up the designs that you want.

However, since you are an expert mirror designer, the designs that you get custom-made may not be as durable as you think they are. As a result, you may find that you are getting custom mirrors more often than you thought you would.

3. Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative Wall MirrorsA decorative wall mirror is designed masterfully to add beauty and glamor to your house, instead of merely giving a reflection. They often have intricately designed frames that are meant to complement your house interior.

The most apparent merit of a decorative wall mirror is that it seems captivating to anyone who enters your house. So much so that, people might even remember your home by that one signature mirror design.

On the other hand, having to choose a decorative mirror, which actually complements your house interior, furniture, and color, is extremely difficult and needs a lot of hassle. More often than not, you will get stuck with a mirror that stands out from the rest of the room.

4. Full Size, Standing Foyer Mirrors

When you want to make your corridors brighter and bigger, you might want to consider using a full-size foyer mirror that stands in your hallway. Not only do they add to the aesthetic appeal of your passages. But they also, when placed strategically, have the potential to drastically slash your power bill.

These breathtaking standing mirrors are able to achieve this by reflecting the natural light coming in through the window towards the darkest corners of your home. In this way, you will not only be saving huge sums in terms of electricity cost, but the alternate natural light will also add a refreshing touch to the dim and drab areas of your house.

Moreover, these standing foyer mirrors complement with the other home décor and furniture, creating a charming reflection. When placed in vanity, they impress visitors coming inside your home and allow you to have a final look at yourself when going out.

5. LED-Wall Mirrors

LED-Wall MirrorsOne of the most popular mirrors in the world of interior design, LED-wall mirrors have lights attached to their bordering frame. It is to make sure that you can see your face as seamlessly as possible when doing your makeup.

That is why you will find these mirrors in most beauty parlors, or a fashion studio’s dressing room. Those artists want to address every little detail with LED mirrors.

The most significant advantage of this mirror is then, of course, the quality lighting that it provides to you. Apart from this, most LED wall mirrors come with an anti-fog system that keeps you from having to wipe the mirror every time after a hot bath. Furthermore, these mirrors have a beautiful aesthetic of their own.

However, upon close inspection, you might find that an LED wall mirror may not be the best of reflectors for you. This is because such a mirror reflects its own light more than it reflects your face in the mirror. Furthermore, it is very annoying when some of the LED’s of the border strip die out, leaving you with an incomplete border.

6. Countertop Makeup Wall Mirrors

We will talk of the trendiest – and the most used mirror of 2019- the countertop makeup mirror. Any beauty enthusiast’s vanity is incomplete if they do not have a good quality, well-lighted countertop makeup mirror. These decorative wall mirrors, resting atop your beautiful dressing table, do not only add a whole lot to how you look but also make your makeup station more aesthetically pleasing.

Giving your makeup station a more professional look, your countertop makeup mirror has a lot to say about you. For instance, it helps convey the fact that you are someone who truly cares about how you look to other people. And not just in the superficial sense!

In fact, it tells other people that you respect them enough to actually put in effort into making yourself look your very best when you are meeting them.

This can have a huge effect on your relationship with the people around you and promote a feeling of mutual respect among both parties. They feel valued and appreciated when they realize the lengths you go to pay respect to them.

What’s more? You have the freedom to use both hands when doing makeup. And they free up your dressing table space, allowing you to display your makeup accessories.

7. Activity Mirror Gym & Dance

Activity Mirror Gym & DanceActivity mirrors are characterized by decorative wall mirrors that may often be frameless. These mirrors are most common in a gym or dance studio and maybe, necessary for the performers. These mirrors are not just installed to help performers observe every movement and improve to perfection, but also to add the feature of being spacious. This feature is most needed in space for performers.

These mirrors are most commonly available in measurements of 36” by 60”, 36” by 72”, 48” by 60”, 48” by 72” and 48” by 84”.  They may also be available in glassless, which is what acrylic mirrors are called. These mirrors are known for the tremendous high-quality reflection that they offer. Furthermore, these mirrors are also shattered proof.

So, in case of impact with a mirror, which is not very rare in performances, you do not risk getting injured yourself and hurting others. However, these wall mirrors may come expensive and are a hassle to install.

Final Words

No matter what way you want to decorate in your home, the choice and type of full length wall mirror you opt for will bring a massive difference to the final look of your home. But no matter what, never ignore the surroundings when decorating your home with large wall mirrors. Not only will mirrors highlight essential aspects of your space but they also considerably affect the whole ambiance of your home. So, make a wise purchase decision.

When done right, though, mirror decoration can bring much more than any other method of decoration could.

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