Ten green motorcycles full on fun, low on emissions

An average motorcycle gets about double the mileage of even the most fuel efficient cars but the downside is that they emit about 15 times more pollution than an average four-wheeler. Ecofriendly motorcycles have been in vogue for quite some time now and are a big hit among environment lovers. If you are crazy about two-wheelers but at the same time are looking for the best environmentally benign products, then hit the break for a list of the 10 best ecofriendly motorcycles.

• Mission One electric motorcycle

This creation by Mission motors claims a top speed of 150 mph. The power source is a high energy lithium-iron battery pack providing a range of 150 miles per charge. Launched in April 2009, the tailpipe had been eliminated, adding the features of silence and zero carbon emissions.

· Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle

This cool-looking aluminum-extruded two-wheeler weighs only 280 pounds and is an entry level ride both for experts and beginners. Its premium design is targeted toward the eco-luxury segment. It runs on lithium-phosphate power cells, which remains good for about 3 hours and provide a range of 45 miles per charge.

• Zero MX from Zero Motorcycles

Weighing a mere 151 pounds, this is a new creation by Zero Motorcycles in the electric motocrosser segment. The silent bike makes riding possible in areas off-limits due to noise restrictions. The motorcycle uses the typical lithium-ion battery good for 2 hours or 40 miles and takes less than 2 hours to charge.

• Piaggio MP3 125 Hybrid

It is the world’s first production hybrid motorcycle. It combines a conventional 125cc four-stroke petrol engine with an electric motor driving the rear wheel with a rechargeable battery. Thus you can run it as electric only giving it a top speed of 35 km/h, regenerative mode and hybrid power mode, which is more useful on busy streets. The battery is compact and recharges in about an hour and a half.

• Modified Kawasaki ZX

You too can get your bike modified into a more environmentally benign version just like Jason and Jeremy Cantwell did. They got their Kawasaki ZX retrofitted with a hydrogen/gasoline hybrid engine. To add to it, the engine still yields a good 170hp besides doubling its mileage. To keep the weight of the bike to a minimum the body was made from lightweight carbon fiber and the weight of the wheels was also less. This modified beauty was launched in November 2008.

• E1pc by MotoCzysz

The feature that qualifies this motorbike to be called a dream machine is its hot swappable lithium battery pack. This power source gives the bike a top speed of 150mph on a single-speed gear box and 175mph with its multi-speed gear system. The framework is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber. The 150ft-lb motor yields 115hp. Most of all, the look is a treat to the eyes.

• TTX01 superbike

The 2008 NEC Bike Show unveiled the electric TTX01 superbike, which shatters the myth that silent bikes are sluggish. Based on a Suzuki GSX750 frame, it carries 43bhp electric motors. The motors propel the bike from standstill to 60mph in a record time of 3.5 seconds. Its top speed can go up to 150mph, but like all superbikes, this one too comes for a hefty price of £20,000.

Bull 1 by Evolt

With a top speed of 55mph, the Bull1 features both good performance and a decent range. It runs on lithium-polymer batteries, which give it a two-hour run time. Charging time is one hour and is done through a custom charging device.

• Yahama Tesseract concept

This concept hybrid by Yamaha is a combination of a V-twin engine and an electric motor. This four-wheeled bike retains the lane splitting and parking ease of a standard bike, to quite an extent. Besides, it comes with a mechanism to keep it upright when parked or stopped.

• 2009 VX-1 by Vectrix Electrics

This new avatar of the Vectrix Personal Electric Vehicle comes in four new vibrant colors, new accessories and graphics. With a top speed of 62mph, it has a range of 35-55 miles. With two seat options- standard and lower, it has a standard kickstart. The 2009 VX-1 is clean, quiet and a beauty.

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