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Swindon commercial services grabs awards for green living

by Ecofriend1874

Swindon commercial services have bagged two prestigious and important awards this year for building eco-friendly homes. The service awards were presented to them by the renowned television star, Carol Smile. The event was organized in Glasgow. The first award, which was presented to Swindon commercial services, was for best housing and regeneration. Swindon commercial services was the preferred choice for all the jury as they had worked hard for developing thirteen homes at the Malmesbury Gardens. The experts from the real estate industry stated that, they have never seen something good as the project that has been given a wonderful and innovative renovation by Swindon.

The industry experts also stated that, Swindon has developed only one hundred and thirty two green homes but the making of these homes have been wonderful and super as they are able to develop the homes which are free from toxins which are harmful not only for the environment but even for the humans. The homes that were built were in the concept of sustainable homes of level 5. The second prize that was awarded to them was for renewable energy sources for public buildings along with best energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative. On getting these prestigious awards, the company spokesperson stated that, they are glad to help the community in the best possible manner so that they are able to stay safe in their homes, which are environment friendly.

Viewpoint of the company on winning these awards

Sadler Julian, who is the head of construction at Swindon commercial services, stated that, they are having various projects of development in the coming time and green homes or eco friendly homes, is just the beginning of such projects. The head of construction also stated that, they are ready with plans for the South West region of England and along with which they will start the work across various other parts of England. The CEO of Swindon commercial services stated that, they are proud on winning these prizes and awards. In addition, the CEO also stated that, they are not working for the awards, but for the betterment of England living conditions so that every native of England can live in healthy and environment friendly homes. The CEO also stated that, they are promoting their environment friendly homes and are telling the citizens about the advantages. The spokesperson of Swindon commercial services stated that, it is an honor to receive these awards and it is a source of motivation for the company to continue the good work of building green and eco friendly.

Future of eco friendly homes by Swindon commercial services

The homes, which are being developed by Swindon commercial services, are designed for flexible living. The homes, which are developed, are available at affordable rates and in two and three BHKs. Coun David, the cabinet minister at that time stated that, work of Swindon is remarkable as they have developed eco friendly homes for natives along with solutions for business. Few more projects and plans are being associated with Swindon commercial services for development. David also stated that, Swindon has been working in the development of eco friendly homes. The spokesperson from Swindon stated that company is taking the initiative to develop the best sources and take use of high-tech technology so that they can keep on working on the growth aspect of developing homes that are best suited for living in an environment friendly atmosphere. Along with Swindon various other companies are coming forward to get associated with the company so that they can work in the same aspect of developing eco friendly homes.

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