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sustainable pet designs

Pet lovers and environmentalists at heart behold! The green sculptures in the picture are not for merely for display; they serve as a natural abode for your doggy. Whether a dog or a bird, you can express your love for the environment by getting custom made domiciles that are cent percent environmentally responsible.

These handmade dog houses (they are custom made by hand according to the size of your dog) are made from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that is from sustainable forests. Estimated to last 8-10 years, the red cedar wood planks (it acts as rot and flea resistant) is untreated, zero VOC paint (that is home brewed eco spray) and bee wax waterproofing is used to ensure the end product is non-toxic. The crown of the doggie dig is filled with local vegetation. Care is taken while planting (it may taken more than six months of daily care to flourish a mini garden in the organic soil) as it sets on the roof acting as a resistant to noise and heat. That’s not all, its good to look and smell, adds vibrancy to the atmosphere, attracts butterflies and guards against tics and fleas.

Stephanie Rubin just didn’t strike upon this idea of a green house; this landscape enthusiast worked on the idea and dedicated it all to her favorites- dogs. The now patented design of this doggie dig doesn’t come cheap. A small house for your tail wagging darling could cost you a couple of thousand dollars. Although for a birdie it may cost $300, for your Golden retriever though it may vary anywhere between $1000 and $6000!

Via: Dvice

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