LEED certification program – Evaluating a hotel’s environmental friendliness

leed certification program

What best suits the environment is what we all should do. Today we desperately need a green world and it’s good to see the growing awareness in the general public. The implication needs to be on a mass scale and the race has begun, from green private dwelling now it’s the hotels that are going green. There is no single system for evaluating a hotel’s environmental friendliness. The best starting point is the so-called LEED certification program (for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of the United States Green Building Council, a program that evaluates everything from materials to energy use to recycling in the construction and operation of a building. A LEED certificate displayed in the lobby means the establishment is serious about being green. Although only five hotels in the United States have this certification, many in the planning stages are incorporating materials and systems intended to gain it. This certificate will not only help the hotels, but also be of assistance in spreading the awareness for a green sustainable future.

Via: NY Times

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