Four stunning recycled ship houses

boat shed

Have you ever thought of living inside a ship? The idea seems a bit strange, but there are people who are literally living inside recycled ship houses. Green housing can come in any form, be it the shipping container homes, airplane turned homes or the recycled ship houses. At least, making a cool house out of a ship makes good sense instead of sending it straight to a junkyard. That’s what we call living green at its best. Here we have five stunning recycled ship houses for the eco conscious who might give this idea of living inside a ship, a try for real.

1. Benson Ford Ship house

Benson Ford

The ship house pictured above was once a shipping boat manufactured by Henry Ford in 1923. He named this boat as ‘Benson Ford’ after his grandson. The ship dutifully served on The Great Lakes for around fifty years. The ship house stands vertically on a cliff on the western shore of South Bass Island in Lake Erie at the Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Bryan Kasper now owns it. He has beautifully used the space of approximately 7000 sq ft. The four levels of the ship has five bedrooms with five attached bathrooms. There is a big bar, a pool table, multiple sitting areas, two big kitchens and spacious decks. On the topmost level the pilot house is located which has the original steering wheel. The Kaspers saved the old ship and converted it into a beautiful lakeside mansion.

2. Rod Palm’s ship house

Rod Palm’s ship house

Rod Palm, who is a local diver and historian, owns the strawberry island on the east of Tofino in British Columbia. Mr. Palm converted an old boat into a house where he resides with his family. The old boat is now fixed permanently on the platform built out from the shore on the Long Beach, Tofino located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The house has all sorts of modern amenities as Rod Palm and his family has been living here since long. The house is perfectly placed among the natures where the scenic beauty is eye pleasing. Rod also conducts his marine research in association with Strawberry Isle Research Society from his ship house.

3. Boat Sheds at Holy Island of Lindisfarne, U.K.

boat shed

Situated in Northumberland in the UK the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, a tidal island, is a little place with only around 160 people living in the area. The coastline is protected as a National Nature Reserve. This tidal island gets cut off from the main land for a long duration of time, during the day. What attracts tourists more is the 16th Century Lindisfarne Castle located at the peak of the island. And the second attraction is the upturned fishing boat sheds. These boat sheds are made of old recycled boats that serve as store houses where tools and instruments for new boats are kept, and if a person gets captivated in a storm, there is enough room to accommodate him inside these sheds. The old fishermen of the island made use of the old boats to convert them into these small accommodations. They cut out a substantial amount from their old worn out boats, inverted them, built the prominent wall and thus cleverly reused the old boat as shed.

4. Island Residence in Santa Catalina, CA

santa catalina

The beautiful house in the picture above is located at the exquisite beaches of Santa Catalina Island that is around 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles. The characteristic feature of the Island Residence is that it is constructed out of the discarded parts or the refused materials of two old ships. The upper part of the residence looks like the deck of one of the two erstwhile ships. Wood was used to build the other parts of the home, which has stylish and modern interiors. To give the residence a royal ship like appearance the entire house is painted white. The golf carts parked around the house are the means of conveyance in the island of Santa Catalina.

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