SolarKindle: A solar powered case for Kindle 4

SolarKindle is a solar mounted case to help you read on Amazon Kindle 4 with no fear of battery draining for long hours. The product from SolarFocus generates power from sunlight and stores it in the built-in battery, which you can use to charge your eReader. You won’t have to often plug in your Kindle 4 for charge if you keep it in the SolarKindle case. This way, the solar case helps you reduce a bit in your carbon footprint as you read on.


SolarKindle is not just a solar powered case. It also mounts an LED reading light, which will bring you cool light for reading. It can provide outstanding lighting up to 800 lux for better illumination for nighttime reading. The case sports built-in lithium battery to store the power, which gives extra charge for your Kindle 4 and lights up the LED lamp for 50 hours.

However, the leather case adds an extra 7.58 ounces to your eReader’s weight. SolarFocus sells the case for $79.99. A non-solar version of SolarKindle comes for just $59.99, however. According to SolarFocus, the solar case requires around eight hours of direct sunlight for charging. The fully charged SolarKindle can add into the battery life of your Kindle eReader.

Of course, supported by the SolarKindle case, you can enjoy eReading for many more hours especially when you are on the move with no power outlets available to plug in the device. The case will let you keep reading day and night at home and on the go as well. Moreover, it can secure your Kindle 4 from dust, mild falls and shocks.

Via: GoodCleanTech

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