Solarball: Ergonomic sphere provides drinking water through solar power

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Jonathan Liow, the man who designed Solarball makes a very apt observation when asked about what inspired him to design this unique device. He says that much of the developed world takes for granted the everyday products that the rest of the world lack. That is so true in every sense of the word and clean drinking water, which many of us take for granted and pay little attention towards, is something that 1-in-8 people on the planet do not have access to.

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Solarball aims to solve this problem by offering a simple gadget that that is easy to use, convenient to handle and will work anywhere on the planet with ease. This ergonomically shaped sphere can produce 3 liters of drinking water each day using the simple and natural process of evaporation. All you need to do is pour the contaminated water through the refill port and place it in the sun.

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By simply tapping into solar power it offers clean water as the process of evaporation and then condensation on the glass top of Solarball allow you to collect clean water which you can safely use for potable purposes. The design of Solarball has been achieved keeping in mind the final goal of the project. A sphere allows maximum heat collection opportunity while the black lower level offers optimum conditions for heat generation.

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It is simple to use, easy to carry around and not too expensive as no complicated technology is used inside. Sometimes it is the simple solutions that are the best and Solarball is one of those. People in Africa and much of South-East Asia who enjoy abundance of sunshine and lack access to drinking water could sure use Solarball.

Via: Monash

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