The Amxma Simple One Folding Bike: Pure delight for the eco conscious

simple one

Given the dangers of global warming and climate change of today, here is a fresh breather – the Amxma Simple One folding bicycle. Made by Taiwan’s Long Antelope Enterprise Company, this product could appear the same as most folding bicycles. But here is the difference – it can be folded up to use as a shopping cart! Now that is something, isn’t it? Basically, you have a two-in-one bike – bike mode and cart mode. It appears that the mechanism for both the modes are user-friendly. The manufacturer also claims that the cart mode can be used for shipping heavy objects.

The Simple One folding bicycle allows you the joy of shopping for groceries without having to wait in line to get a shopping cart at the super-market; avoiding the pain of bearing with squeaky wheels and broken handle-bars; skipping on inserting the one Euro coin to use a cart! What’s more? This unique folding bicycles also gives you the option of carting heavy objects around your house. There you go, life couldn’t be easier. Go ahead and give some TLC to your life.

Via: Gizmag

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