Solar powered parking lots get green with Envision Solar Grove

solar grove parking lot charging AXKuD 5784
Extensive areas are allotted for parking cars at parking lots…..that’s it, just parking the cars and in turn heating up our cars like furnaces. Though I knew it is impractical I always wished if they could provide shade for the cars. However my thinking didn’t go beyond my need to protect my car from sun’s harsh rays. But a company called Envision Solar has gone beyond my thoughts and come up with a brilliant idea to rescue our vehicles from severity of sunrays and at the same time exploit those same solar rays to generate electricity. Brilliant! Theoretically speaking, Envision Solar Groves are highly customizable, aesthetically-designed, photovoltaic-integrated parking lot solar system. In simple lingo, they are energy trees that provide shade to cars while powering the grid.

Since there’s a lot of parking space out there in the world and solar energy is one of the leading sustainable solutions to the world’s dependence on carbon fuels, and the creation of potentially catastrophic climate change, this kind of system will be uber profitable for all.

Via Metaefficient

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