Nori Morimoto’s Wooden light sculptures are extraordinarily eco-friendly

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Wood finds a natural place inside our homes from a practical as well as an aesthetic point of view. And nothing else has such timeless good looks or provides such a sense of well-being. Combining timeless beauty with robust practicality in a modern style are these wooden light sculptures from Nori Morimoto. Such lighting fixtures will spell the magic of radiance into every corner of your dwelling. His work cascaded a transcending feel to the senses of those who were privileged to sneak a peak at his collection at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last weekend. The green highlight is that he has actually crafted the whole line from local, sustainably harvested wood from around his Vermont wood working studio. Making the best practical use of what you have in your vicinity!

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Rather than constructing a completely new form from his raw materials, Morimoto drew out existing patterns from the wood’s grain. With a keen eye, he then arranged the enhanced wood into sculptural configurations that are as beautiful by day as they are when lit up at night.
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Wish I could place the wooden grass like lamp shades (at the bottom of this above picture) in my absolute wooden bedroom……right from the flooring to every bit of furniture, I have only preferred wood in my den. These shades will complement the best.

Via Inhabitat

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