Solar Power Guide

7 Projects that use solar energy on a grand scale

Solar energy has become a major source of energy production all over the world. This ecofriendly energy is most preferred as it offers enormous amount of energy for free of cost that can be used to produce high amount of energy if utilized effectively. Th

Seven most weird projects that make use of solar energy

As the whole world is talking about the environment conservation, the role of solar energy has got its dominant place. Most of the things operated by electricity that we are using presently will be available in new avatars powered by solar energy. Present

Seven coolest uses of photovoltaic panels

Introduction The solar voltaic cells are one of the widely used source to produce energy. The energy produced using these photovoltaic cells is completely an eco-friendly energy and has become so popular that every people wants to try their hands on it.

Size Matters: NASA to exhibit largest ever solar sail in space

What is it? With the launch of IKAROS, Japan was the first country to experiment successfully with solar sail technology to be used in the interplanetary space. Realizing the immense potential of solar sail technology and its future application for a mor

Size Matters: World’s largest solar park in Germany

The photovoltaic solar park near Senftenburg in Germany has bowled over many. This remarkable spectacle now has something more to boast about. A new section has been added to it lately. What makes that news even more sensational is that due to the new ad

3 Insects from which the solar industry can learn

With the changing time and growing population the demand and consumption of energy is rising day by day. One of the most efficient sources of energy is solar energy. But the technology that is used by us to convert this solar energy into another form is h

Seven most interesting DIY projects harnessing solar energy

Sun is the almighty and blessed are the people who live in places where it shines throughout the year. So many times we take the sun too seriously. We don’t ever want to annoy the light out of it. It’s looks are deceptive enough to dissuade you from p

10 Solar Power Innovations to Watch Out For

The Sun has blessed us all with an alternative energy form which could be used in various ways to generate energy without harming environment and depleting natural resources. The day is very close when all the electronic gadgets we use will work on solar

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