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Solar power is the perfect solution for the future – Here’s why

by Ecofriend1874

Solar power all around the world is being hailed as one of the best energy options for the future generations. The abundance of sunlight in most parts of the world during daytime makes it an easily accessible renewable resource. Sun the ultimate source of energy. The chlorophyll of plant leaves traps the solar energy and converts it into chemical energy, which is then consumed by animals and humans.

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From the beginning of life, sun has served us by providing clean energy. Now the energy of the sun is being used to generate electric energy to power our homes. Let us have a look at the reasons that make solar power perfect for our future.

Clean energy source

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Our planet has become highly polluted and that is no secret. The use of solar power can control the level of pollution, as the process of generating electricity from sunlight cause no pollutants. The solar power is the safest and cleanest energy and helps us sustain the environment.

Unlike the non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and petroleum, solar power does not cause smog or global warming. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and other Green House Gases from the air and makes environment more stable. It can be a viable solution for combating the effects of global warming in the years to come.

Geopolitical benefits

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The nature has not distributed the non-renewable resources evenly. Some countries like Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia control these resources. As a result, many developed and developing countries have to depend on those war prone countries for natural gas and petroleum.

The increasing use of solar panels can make nations more independent and improve the geopolitical relations between countries. Increasing use of solar energy can help distribute and use the wealth in more evenly and organized manner for the welfare of natives.

Solar panels are becoming cheaper

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The unbelievable truth is that solar panels are becoming cheaper by 7% every year. With innovations and improvement in technology, the cost of installing and making solar panels is decreasing every year. The director of Energy Self Reliant States and Communities Program, launched by the Institute for Local Self Reliance, John Farrell, has said that around hundred million new American citizens will prefer and adapt solar panels in the next decade.

Solar panels have become one of the most preferred options for generating electricity. It is a sustainable way of producing energy and powering our homes.

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