‘Solar cooling’ cuts energy costs by 85 percent


Eco Factor: “Solar cooling” helps reduce energy costs.

Heat waves and electricity clashes are a common occurrence in hot sweltering summers precisely due to soaring air conditioning needs, which strains the grid. Air conditioning is a huge problem and challenge in today’s energy world. According to the US Department of Energy, residential heating and cooling account for more than 50 percent of the energy use in a standard American home. Linum System, an Israeli solar air conditioning company, claims to use “solar cooling” and heating instead of photovoltaics to make the existing heating and cooling technologies more efficient. Solar cooling is the process through which solar radiation uses hot water to create cooling systems with no need for electricity. The process uses standard refrigerates which do not cause ozone depletion. Solar cooling increases the efficiency of existing technologies and reduces electricity bills by 85% on a hot sunny day and 40% annually, thereby making them more affordable for every mid-sized home in moderate to hot climates.

Via: Israel 21c

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