Bio Logic Free Charge uses pedal power to charge gadgets


Eco Factor: Bio Logic Free Charge uses kinetic energy to charge widgets

Bio Logic Free Charge is good news for hard core bikers with a penchant for non-stop music. Next March Dahon plans to introduce this charger to juice up a variety of electronic gadgets ranging from iPod, iPhone, GPS unit etc. The device gets connected to any dyno hub using a silicon casing and siphon the energy generated to charge a high capacity battery, which in turn supplies steady current to the electronic widget. Other than this the Free Charge also protects the gadget from variable output of the dyno hub as well. A full charge takes around 3hrs. The Free Charge is available for about $99 and Dahon also plans to make it standard on two bikes, the Ios XL and the Speed TR.

Via: Bike Hugger

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