SmartTalk Solar: Hands free Speaker phone that will revel in some sunshine

To be very honest, most of us are not really big fans of talking on the phone while we drive. In fact, you should be doing nothing else, but keeping your eyes on the road when you sit behind the wheels. But that obviously seems to be pretty low on the priority list of many people, who actually drive around. Well, if you are one of those who does chat while you drive, then a good way to do it is by keeping both the hands on the wheel even when you are conversing on the phone. That is the least you could do and SmartTalk Solar allows you to do so with its hands free speakerphone.

Solar-Powered In-Car Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakerphone

The additional perk that comes along is that you can simply hook it up to your windshield using suction cups and then it can charge up the battery inside tapping into some solar power. The speaker phone can be used for your iPhone or other Android smartphones and it should provide you with a comfortable way to go hands free with your calls and you can do so while staying ‘green’ at the same time. You can pair a single unit of SmartTalk with two different smartphones and this smart unit will cost you $70.

Again, we are not really sure you should be talking away while you are driving, but this is at least better than holding your phone with another hand or even bending your head sideways and trap the phone between your shoulder and your ear. It surely beats the hell out of texting while on the move and the fact that it uses solar power might give you a semblance of a moral high ground.

Via: Cultofmac

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