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Sky Power Solutions’ concentrated solar electric system

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Solar power is growing in leaps and bounds as each year passes and new technology is promising more efficient and far more effective solar panels. Sky power Solutions is offering a new variety of photovoltaic installations that will not just help you tap into the power of the sun and generate energy for your home, but will also help provide hot water using the very same photovoltaic panels. The Sky Power solutions team has developed a parabolic dish that acts as a solar concentrator and reflects far more sunlight than conventional solar panels.

Solar Thermal Power Concentrating Heat Dissapation Technology.

But this excess sunlight also causes the solar panels to heat up beyond their normal range and this leads to a drastic drop in their efficiency. To solve this problem the company has adopted a new heat dissipation technology that uses water predominantly as its cooling agent. This technology is used by placing each photovoltaic cell on a Boron Nitride ceramic insulator and this entire installation is then placed on top of a large copper heat sink. The heat sink will be filled with water that will provide for your shower needs.

This simple improvisation not only gets you a hot shower, but keeps the photovoltic panels at an optimum temperature, allowing them to generate maximum energy at all times. Since you still get the concentrated light from the parabolic dish, there will be an enhanced power generation when compared with normal PV installations. Sky Power solutions are going to soon come out with their first commercial models of this kind and each will set you back by $5000. While we wait for further details and specs, this seems like a very sound way to move forward if you are planning to go solar.

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