Simple but effective ways to reduce your gasoline bills


Amidst the rising gas prices, it is very important for the homemakers to keep a check on the increasing gasoline bills and to consider effective ways to reduce them. Specifically during the winter season, homemakers have to pay more to keep their houses warm and comfortable. There are many ways in which the houses can be kept really warm while keeping the gasoline bills quite affordable. The other factor which contributes to increased gasoline bills is your car and driving habits. Some of the ideas for saving significantly on them are mentioned below.

The home thermostat should be turned down


According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), for every degree that is decreased on the thermostat, you can save about 3% on the electricity bill.  This is the most effective way to cut down on the big electricity bills. While going to work and at night, if 10 degrees is turned down on the thermostat, the total savings are 14% which is quite a decent one. Opting for programmable thermostats is also a very good idea as that will ensure a comfortable temperature inside the house. Thermostats like Nest allow users to adjust the temperature of the house from outside too. It even turns off automatically when no one is there inside the house and programs itself according to the preferences of the users. It is the best option to save energy as well as reduce the bills.

Upgrade yourself to the geothermal heating technique

A geothermal heat pump can significantly lower down the gasoline bills of your house. It helps to keep it cooler inside the home in summers and proves to be very beneficial when the temperature fluctuates as it adjusts itself according to the changing temperature.

Proper and timely replacement of air filters

One of the effective measures of cutting down the gasoline bills is replacing the air filters and maintaining them timely and properly.  The air filters trap airborne particles to keep your house dirt free and thus they sometimes get clogged as the holes are blocked because of debris. The air flow is hampered and thus the fans consume extra power while working as the air is forced through the filter which causes the gasoline bills to rise significantly. The air filters should thus be cleaned and repaired after every 1-2 months so that they function properly and the energy efficiency is improved.

Decrease the time taken for warming up the car

warming up the car

Particularly in winters, you take a lot of time to warm up your car. This time period should not be more than 30 seconds or can be extended up to 1 minute if it is really needed. Taking more than a minute to warm up the car wastes fuel and spreads air pollution. This unnecessary wastage of fuel increases the gasoline bill of the car user to a great extent.

Smart, slow and steady driving of the car

steady driving of the car

Again a very effective measure to cut on the huge gasoline bills is driving slowly and effectively. Fast driving may look exciting but it really increases the fuel consumption of the car. A smooth and proper drive that is below the speed limit uses the fuel more efficiently and thus the users need to fill up their car tanks less often.

Turning off the engine when not needed

reduce-your-gasoline-billsWhile waiting for someone or at a railroad crossing or at any other place, just turn off the engine to avoid wastage of fuel. This kind of unnecessary usage is a major wastage of gasoline, which, along with being very harmful for the environment, contributes a lot in major gasoline bills.

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