Sharon Recycling Park to hold recycled safari for Passover celebrations

Recycling is fast becoming a lucrative business, providing employment opportunities and helping clean up the mess made from using consumer products. Demand for items like soft drinks and other consumables has led to tons of waste being generated, leaving the environment choked with old and discarded materials. But, efforts are being made to halt this trend and gradually turn surroundings back to their natural state. Along this vein, the Sharon Recycling Park in Israel will soon play host to the Coca Cola Recycled Safari as part of Passover celebrations. The unique event will display figures of animals all crafted out of recycled Coca Cola cans and bottles.

Safari of animals crafted from Coca-Cola trash

The recycling park was built on the plot of a former dump site that was active till 1999. In 2001, efforts were made to convert the site into a green open space. While the park still contains some trash, it’s transported for disposal to other landfills.

Israel is currently working to polish its environmental policies. Undertakings like the park and the recycled safari will no doubt go a long way in ensuring that the country catches up with developed nations that implement stricter environmental rules. As it is, Sharon Recycling Park is said to be one of the biggest such facilities in the world.

A tour to the site shows visitors how landfills are reconstructed into eco friendly areas through recycling. One of the park’s facilities reduces municipal waste by up to 90 percent by using garbage to produce biogas and electricity. The formation of methane is used to generate revenue as the recycling facilities sell it to a textile factory located nearby.

At the entrance to the park, visitors are greeted by a garden that plays host to a mini wetland housing papyrus and water lilies. What’s unique is that the mini wetland is a self-sustaining system that uses bacteria to treat waste water that is then used for irrigation.

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