Save Fuel save Money Save the World

Save Fuel save Money Save the World

The world entered the year 2020 under very catastrophic conditions as far as climate and environment are considered. There was a time when we used to study pollution as an academic topic and how it affects living organisms such as marine life and wildlife. Unfortunately, humans never took the problem seriously enough probably because they thought they will find ways to deal with it. However, the impact of environmental deterioration is now right there in our face.

Within the last few weeks, the world saw apocalyptic wildfires in Australia, horrendous volcanic eruptions, alarmingly poor quality of air in many urban centers and unexplained epidemics. If the same situation continues, face masks might become a permanent part of our dressings in a few years.

Until now, it used to be all about how governments can take steps to bring down pollution levels. Regardless of how serious the governments are, drastic times call for drastic measures and we as individuals need to play our part to avoid further deterioration. It is a common perception that switching towards sustainable and Eco-friendly living can be expensive.

Sustainable living does not only help to save the environment but is also extremely cost-effective in the long run. Since most of our living costs are triggered by energy derived from fossil fuels, reducing the dependence on fuel alone will help to save a major chunk of money. Here are a few simple ways that you can incorporate in your daily lives to make this world a healthier place.

Sustainable Transport

reduce-pollutionSmokes and carbon emissions from vehicles are one of the biggest culprits of all sorts of environmental pollution. The fuels burned by vehicles are one of the major sources of +6 increased carbon footprint on the planet along with the depletion of natural resources. The ideal solution to deal with vehicle triggered pollution is to increase reliance on mass transit systems and ride-sharing and carpooling services.

However, if by all means, personal cars have to be used, make sure you calculate your MPG regularly. MPG or Miles per gallon indicates how many miles can your vehicle run per gallon of fuel. Having your car regularly serviced can help you improve your MPG. Higher MPG does not only ensure that your car will be more eco-friendly, but it also helps in saving up on fuel costs.

Sustainable Energy

Installing low energy lightingOur daily life is highly dependent on energy. We need lighting and heating for our living and workplaces which means a lot of energy is required. Unfortunately, energy consumption is also a major source of environmental damage. We cannot eliminate lighting, heating, and power from our lives but we can surely adopt ways to conserve energy and switch to non-renewable energy sources. On an individual level. Avoiding unnecessary lighting, using energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, and better insulation during construction can help save fuels and energy. These habits also help you save up on your utility bills. A good way to reduce dependence on thermal energy is by installing solar panels on your property.

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