ReVolt House: Solar powered boathouses for a future water world!

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You must have heard of the doomsday predictions millions of times before. Some of them exaggerated, but most of them very real and already under progress. Carbon emissions are mounting across the Planet. Global temperatures are increasing and the polar icecaps are melting. At this point of time, the best gift you could give yourself and your kids (apart from going green) is probably investing in this solar houseboat.

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Designed by students of the team TU Delft, this is not just a solution for those who are counting on the doomsday happening. On a more rational note, this provides housing solution on waves and by doing so; it also reduces pressure on decreasing land resources across the globe. By moving our shelters on water via such floating houseboats that are autonomous and powered by green energy, we free up land that can be used for other purposes.

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The design comes from Netherlands and the country is blessed with ample water bodies that remain stable and are perfect for houseboats. ReVolt House is equipped with a solar rooftop that allows you to power your entire home on solar energy alone. Obviously throwing in some wind power and maybe even some turbine power onboard will help it further on cloudy days as well. The home rotates along with the sun for passive heating needs and as it floats on water, temperatures always remain moderate.

The idea is to create colonies of such homes on water in the future so that pressure on land resources is reduced and alternate energy tapped into. This is one ultra-cool idea that we are all for and maybe we can try out a prototype soon!

Via: Revolt House

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