Reusing plastic ‘ A silent battle against globalization


One of the most significant environmental problems associated with plastics is the improper disposal of plastic goods by consumers. The use of plastics has enabled the development of innumerable disposable products, which has increased the amount of trash that is disposed. The ubiquitous plastic shopping bag, so handy for everything from toting groceries to disposing off doggie doo, may be a victim of its own success. As plastic is one of the primary concern worldwide and so is its increasing demand, what we as consumers could do is to reuse these throw away items and fight a small silent battle against globalization. Check out the bin in the picture above, nothing fancy though, but the hidden meaning can be analyzed with a naked eye. Here is what we all should be doing, reusing our plastic bags as trash bins. By giving the plastic bags more structural permanence, its secondary function as a trash bag is reinforced. The ironing treatment is also a way of consolidation of plastic bags for future recycling. Remember it’s a silent war and the enemy is around you!

Via: JieyuDesign

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