Eco-friendly bio-degradable banners from PROLABdigital IMAGING


Gradually, it seems, every apparently trivial object around us is becoming eco-friendly. Take for instance banners, which tell us about the latest movies, the newly-opened shopping mall, the most sough-after restaurant and so much more. PROLABdigital IMAGING has come up with a way to make banners that are environment conscious.

The name of this attempt is vinyl banners made from eco-Friendly, BIO-FLEX, the newest bio-Degradable Vinyl substrate. Whereas millions of tons of banners are buried in the earth every year and choke the earth for 500 to 700 years before degrading in landfills, these banners decompose to dust in landfills much faster, in 3 to 5 years, helped by microbes, darkness, high heat and moisture.

Speaking of Pdi, it is a household name all through he country in the manufacture of small and large format quality visual graphics for advertising, events, retail chains, truck-sides, entertainment, corporate, fashion, cosmetic and food industries.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean these banners are any less striking. Apart from being durable, the banners are up to 16 feet wide by any length, or tiled together to create even larger Mega-Banners, quantities from 1 to 1000’s of units.

It’s only but natural that clients all over the world should chose this BIO-Degradable banners for trade shows, in-store, point-of-sales, special event and marketing collateral.

Via: Reuters

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