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Five renewable fuel options that remained on paper

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Water tides

It has been heard from many years that we are loosing our strength in field of energy resources. In coming four to six decades we will be left with very few energy resources that too on the verge of finishing. Hence, replacements are required to be made for hunt of new sources of energy, be it renewable or non-renewable. Many major and minor prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information have been set up across the world in this regard, which has in turn led to abundance of debates, but all worthless.

The fact is that they have wasted lots of energy in a wrong direction for solving the crisis in lieu of finding the right way out. It is essential to remember that we cannot keep using the existing non-renewable energy sources for long. The renewable fuel options discussed below have just remained on paper. If the ideas were implemented we would have been a pollution free planet with unending energy resources.

1. Liquid oxygen

According to research, energy can be transferred from natural elements like wind, water, greenhouse-gases in a substantial way to the required form of energy. It is well known that three-fourth of the earth is covered by water and has composition of oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is highly flammable and produces least pollution and is also highly combustible. However, if we are able to break this large amount of available water in form of hydrogen and oxygen then we will get that precious form of energy which can fulfill mother earth’s requirement for coming centuries.

The technology to yield hydrogen and oxygen from water is available but is not affordable. Still efforts are being made to make this technology economic. The oxygen released in the above mentioned process will be enough to maintain appropriate amount of oxygen on earth’s crust and environment. This oxygen can also be compressed to produce ‘liquid oxygen’ which is used in rocket propulsion in today’s world.

2. Windmills in the oceans

The energy is also available in the form of wind which can be used to rotate the turbine fixed to windmills. It is well known that the wind power is showcased at it’s zenith above the oceans. It will be a boon if we succeed in installing huge windmills in the oceans. The powerful winds can be utilized to rotate the huge windmills which in turn can run the turbines to such an extent which can illuminate and sustain two New York cities sufficiently for an entire day.

3. Energy from under water tides

Under water tides in the oceans have a minimum speed of about forty kilometers per hour. Hence, if we are able able to set big turbines under water every single turbine can produce approximately two thousand megawatts, which is very large amount of energy. These turbines should be made strong enough to resist the powerful under water waves in order to safeguard the blades of the machine. We are still trying to reach up to the mark and make an alloy strong enough to face the waves.

4. Energy from conical glass room

Some scientists of USA and France had conference and thought of setting a conical glass room in inverted form in hot deserts and fixing a turbine at the top. On the basis of the fact that glass traps heat and raises the temperature of the air inside, and since hot air has a property to rise up, this results in formation of energy by the movement of the turbine.

5. Methane gas as fuel

Planets like Uranus have abundant of methane. Methane being a combustible gas can be of a great use for the green planet earth. Hence looking at the above discussion we can conclude that new forms of energy can substitute the conventional forms of energy. These unconventional forms of energy are present hidden in nature itself, the need is just to explore them and use judiciously.

If these five renewable fuel options come to reality, the day will wash away all the worries about energy source. Till these issues are on paper they are waste and once they pop out of it, will be most efficient and reliable forms of energy.

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