Alternative energy sources to power HVAC systems that are efficient and sustainable

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Commercial buildings are working towards utilizing sustainable resources to power HVAC systems. The idea is to create economic, eco-friendly and energy efficient systems that will create a healthy environment for its residents. Also, green buildings enjoy tax concessions and attract customers who support environmental causes and also because they lower utility costs.


Green Building Sector

Numerous green building projects are coming up and the sector is growing phenomenally because of the rising demand and because of the efficient use of building materials, which helps in reducing building costs.

Another encouraging factor for the growth in green building space is the wide use of alternative energy sources such as daylighting where construction is done to allow as much natural light to filter in as possible.

There are numerous green standards that all buildings are expected to conform with anyway, so in a manner of speaking most new building construction projects are green projects.


High Efficiency HVAC System

The Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system occupies a major space of the building and a lot of energy saving can be done if it is planned correctly.

The common feature of all green buildings’ is the presence of solar panels for channelizing solar energy as a power source for the HVAC and lighting.

Apart from the obvious factor that alternative energy sources help in conserving energy, they are also clean and do not pollute the environment. New technology used in making HVAC systems are designed in such a manner that solar power sources can be easily integrated into them.

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Solar Powered HVAC System

For solar powered HVAC systems, rooftop units are available and each of these units consists of up to 25 solar panels. Micro inverter technology is used to individually control each of these panels.

One added benefit of a solar powered HVAC system is that there is provision for integrating it with the commercial building’s electrical wiring system too so that special arrangements need not be done for the same. Such systems also include communication modules that can be used to easily monitor HVAC systems and their energy production online.


HVAC Systems Powered by Alternate Energy Sources

HVAC systems consume between 40 to 60% of the total energy used in the building. Hence, technology, such as the multi-stage air volume (MSAV) fan technology, can be used for efficient energy. This technology also offers operational efficiency which improves power saving by 75%. It also plays a large role in moisture removal.


Increasing the efficiency of HVAC system to improve energy efficiency for the building seems to be the new mantra. Apart from the efficient energy use, they also contribute greatly towards improving the indoor comforts for commercial buildings.

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