Reducing Wear and Tear with Chromium Carbide Plate – Eco-Friendly Ways Businesses Can Go Green

Companies that want to ensure their long term growth and survival can benefit by taking active steps to reduce the impact made on the environment by their products, services and processes. Adopting ecologically sound business practices is not only healthier and safer for our planet, it also makes a lot of sense financially as “going green” is also often beneficial in reducing costs and increasing profits.

Eco-friendly ideas for entrepreneurs are wide-ranging. Essentially, any change that reduces a company’s carbon footprint can help that business to protect the environment. The following is a list of some of the ways that businesses can utilize to protect the environment while protecting their profits.

Reduce Wear and Tear on Expensive, Moving Parts

A number of industries use heavy equipment and other machinery that are prone to breakdown due to wear and tear on moving parts. These items are more susceptible to the effects of vibration from impact and heating due to friction and abrasion. Breakdowns not only lead to increased costs due to frequent breakdowns, and the need for more frequent maintenance and repair, but, there is also an increase in impact on the environment as these parts need to be replaced more frequently. Using a high grade, durable wear plate, such as chromium carbide plate, to reduce the effects of impact and erosion, not only reduces costs to the business, it helps businesses to reduce the impact their business processes make on the environment.

Make Greener Energy Choices

One easy way that companies can reduce costs and benefit the environment is to actively take steps to reduce their total energy usage, and, to then adopt renewable forms of energy, such as wind and solar, for power generation.

One way that businesses can reduce their energy use is to look for ways to replace existing machinery and equipment for ones that are more energy efficient. Paper is a product that requires a lot of energy and resources to produce. Another popular way for businesses to reduce energy usage is to reduce the amount of paper that is used in their business processes, and to look for ways to incorporate recycled paper products for use in those operations that must rely on paper. 

Adopting energy efficient designs in offices, warehouses and buildings is a passive, and usually an inexpensive way, for companies to reduce their need for energy. Adopting energy efficient sources of lighting and heating, and, taking steps to manage and conserve the use of water in business processes also goes a long way towards helping businesses to reduce their energy usage and other costs while also protecting the environment.

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The Small Business Administration’s Guidebook, Putting Energy into Profits, is a great resource for companies that want to reduce their impact on the environment. The guide provides additional detailed guidance and practical advice on how businesses of all sizes can reduce their need for electricity and other forms of energy, as well as offers strategies for how companies can increase their use of renewable forms of energy. 

When companies make the decision to go green, one thing that boards and other leaders should keep in mind is that it’s not an “all or nothing proposition.” A company’s total carbon footprint is actually made up of several smaller actions. Any act that reduces a company’s energy usage, no matter how small, can all add up to help that company to reduce its negative impact on the environment and make the company, and the planet at large, a healthier place to work and live.

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