Recycled Mythology: Greek Goddess of dawn shines bright in metallic hue

The wonderful thing about Greek gods and mythology is that they all seem like characters that are representations of being the ideal. Eos is the Greek goddess of Dawn and comes out each morning from her home that is on the edge of Oceanus, to welcome the morning. Daughter of Hyperion and Theia, she has always been portrayed in luminescent orange hues with saffron robe that sports flowers and brings with it the freshness and hope that comes with each dawn. But artist Corey Collins went in a whole different direction by crafting Eos out of flatware and all kinds of metallic waste.

Eos Greek Goddess of the Dawn

This is almost like a ‘Transformers’ or ‘Sliver Surfer’ version of Eos with the metal sculpture weighing as much as 275lbs and its wings taking up as many as 200 pieces of flatware. The metallic waste that has gone into the building of this version of Eos comes from everything that you can possibly imagine. Watches, motorcycle and car parts, coffee cans, nails, bolts, screws, tractor parts, horse shoes, a few modern electronic parts and pretty much every other piece of metal that the artist could find went into the creation of this huge sculpture.

With a wing span of 88 inches and any ability to disassemble into two parts, the sculpture is up for sale and will set you back by $8,700 according to its designer Corey. It took him around 18 months to make metallic Eos and everything from galvanized steel to sterling silver and tin have gone into making it. A wonderful example of recycling at its beautiful best. It may not be a Greek classic crafted in marble, but Eos might well like this new metallic touch herself.

Via: etsy

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