Recycled Art: Everything You Need to Know About it

Recycled Art

The great thing about art is that it can be viewed and created in so many different ways, that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

The famous adage certainly runs true throughout the art world, especially following the rise of the recycled art that has become a hugely popular sub-category within the industry and one whereby many artists have managed to find a niche for themselves with.

How do you define recycled art?

It would be important to know what recycled art is, though, as not everyone may have any idea about what it actually entails or what might be found when exploring the subcategory that it has formed.

Recycled art, which is also commonly known as upcycle art, is whereby artists decide to use materials that may have been wasted, deemed useless, or unwanted for previous projects and are used to be turned into new materials or products that can be perceived to be of a greater quality.

Benefits of upcycled art

Dorit Levinstein’s upcycled artIndeed, there has been a huge clamor for this kind of art as there are a number of benefits that can be attributed to it, including the idea that it could be advantageous regarding the outlook of the planet and global warming.

With climate change a huge concern to many around the world, the ability to re-use materials and various other products that may have been wasted will have come as a relief to many, whilst it will have also reduced the waste that is being sent that ultimately damages the environment.

It is evident that many artists look to feature the environment within the pieces that they create whether it be recycled art or not, with many of Dorit Levinstein’s art for sale being beautifully designed and crafted sculptures that feature certain animals and plants that can be found around the world; perhaps trying to provide some emphasis on the point.

Furthermore, one of the other great benefits of recycled art is that it can be rather cost-effective for many as the materials are already available and would otherwise be deemed rather expensive or too difficult to get a hold of.

In addition, by using products that have already been used and are on the verge of being thrown away, artists can look to tap into the imagination that they have within their brains and look to try and create something that is unique or rather different compared to many other artists that are competing in a very competitive industry.


There are a number of materials that can be used when it comes to recycled art, thus making the possibilities almost endless for those artists that are looking to do their bit and make the most of any potentially wasted materials in the best way.

There are artists who have made use of scrap paper and cardboard, whilst others have been able to use plastics such as plastic bottles, whilst wood, metal and even road signs that are no longer being used can also be used to produce a piece of art.


Fish mosaic deocoration made of cororful plastic bottle capsAs with the fact that so many different materials can be used to make upcycled art, there are also a number of different ways in which the art can be made and used, as well, with various different methods all being adopted by various artists around the world.

Whether it be making a sculpture with materials that were about to be wasted, or to re-do previous artwork and turn it into something new after it has already been started, there are a variety of different techniques that are all available to take inspiration from and create something rather unique.


As can be seen, there are a number of different benefits to the process, which is why recycled art is becoming even more popular now compared to ever before.

Of course, the global situation regarding climate change will have been a huge reason and factor as to why more and more materials are being re-used, however the fact that they can provide artists with a source of innovation, imagination and inventiveness whilst also helping to try and save the planet in the best way they can will have been a big enough reason for many as to why upcycled art is as popular as it is today.

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