Reasons why you should not be drinking bottled water

Drinking ample amount of water helps your body to remain fit and healthy. Water has many benefits on your health. Water increases your immunity and it acts as controlling agent of body temperature. Water also serves as a lubricant in your digestive system, which might be the most beneficial attribute of water in human body. Water transports nutrients and oxygen into cells, moisturizes the air in lungs, and helps our organs to absorb nutrients. However, not all these attributes hold well in case of bottled water.

It has been a belief in recent days that bottled water is better than any other source of drinking water. This phenomena has let the bottled water manufacturers expand their business in the market. However, bottled water is no way better than normal municipal drinking water. Bottled water may be considered harmful as it is stored in plastic containers and reaches consumers many days after it is bottled.

Let us discuss few reasons why bottled water is not great to drink.


  • Chemical Intake

A study has found the presence of fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals in bottled water and of course even a small amount of these are harmful for human health. Tap water does not have all these additives so it helps you stay healthy.

  • Price

The price of bottled water is almost 100 times more than tap water. However, the bottle water does not serve value for the price rather it gives you few unhealthy minerals to intake. It would be foolish to fall sick by paying more prices for water.


  • Garbage

Most of the bottles used for water packaging are not recycled. They are dumped into the garbage instead. Dumping plastic with garbage is a huge concern for ecology as plastic takes many years to get decomposed completely and it ruins the soil completely where it is dumped. Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and to produce this amount of plastic, 47 million gallons of oil is required.

  • Less Attention to Public Systems

The increase in the sale of bottled water directly points to the carelessness of the government officials of any country as they are not able to provide people with good drinking water. People go for bottled water instead of tap water due to the taste of the tap water. When using water filters for the whole house eliminates the taste and can save money. The growth in bottled water industry also encourages privatization of water marketing in any country and this is not a good sign for any government.

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