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Pros and Cons of Opting for Dual Flush Toilets

by Ecofriend1874

Water conservation happens to be the most important factor for individuals opting to go green. As such, many are moving towards dual flush toilets, which would help reduce water wastage in this area via either retrofitting or upgrading.

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The basic idea of a dual flush toilet is simple. The toilet would use less amount of water for liquid flushes and a comparatively higher amount of water for solid flushes. Therefore, they would naturally be a great choice for eco-friendly homes. However, there are some disadvantages to installing dual flush toilets, which need to be considered beforehand. They include:

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Lack of Enthusiasm

For all their benefits, dual flush toilets are still not that popular with eco-conscious individuals. Neither do they have enthusiastic followers nor do they have highly positive reviews. This lack of enthusiasm and barely- there lukewarm reviews do not create much scope for the product in the market.

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Installation Woes

Replacing a toilet is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and money to get a toilet that matches the footprint of the previous one. It would also take a highly skilled plumber to do a proper installation that would leave little or no room for blunders later on. All this would make one rethink the necessity for the product in the first place.

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Carbon Footprint

Disposal options for porcelain toilets are limited. The porcelain used for these toilets also tends to leave behind a huge carbon footprint in terms of extraction, refining and shipping. Thus, opting for dual flush toilets could increase environmental impact instead of reducing it.

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Low Return on Investment

Although dual flush toilets are eco-friendly can save plenty on water bills, it would take at least eight years for the money to see a desirable ROI. Other eco-friendly options are equally efficient but come with higher ROIs.

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Easier Alternatives

Rather than ripping out the old toilet and replacing the tiles, one can opt for a suitable alternative. One of the more effective ways to conserve water, reduce carbon footprint and enjoy a quicker ROI is to opt for a dual flush conversion kit. For example, the Tap-N-Flush dual flush conversion kit is currently ranked as the best dual conversion kit available on Amazon. Its highlight is that it can fit any toilet with ease, thus eliminating the need for matching footprints as demanded by traditional dual flush toilets.


Dual flush toilets can be an effective way to conserve water. However, they have their share of disadvantages. As such, one would need to think twice before installing these toilets in their homes.

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