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Potent killers of indoor air quality

by Ecofriend1874

Air quality of a place where one lives is a great indicator of a person’s good or bad health. A shocking revelation states that the indoor air quality is two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air quality. Below are some of the agents that pollute the indoor quality of air. Have a look:


Air Purifiers

People are highly concerned about maintaining the quality of air within home, and to solve this purpose, they spend huge money and buy air purifiers. They blindly believe in the taglines of the company saying – “shock treatment designed to kill air bacteria.” However, only this is not the truth. The shock treatment releases some harmful gases that can cause lung damage and asthma in the inhabitants. This is why; you should refrain from buying air purifiers that produce ozone.



Paint beautifies our home, but does it good for our health as well. Lead paints are very dangerous; the US put a ban on the use of lead paints around thirty years ago. However, some older homes still have lead paints on their walls. The peel or the dust that comes off the walls is highly dangerous as it is potent to cause permanent destruction of brain. Not just old paints, the new ones also have harmful effects on people’s health. The fumes of these paints sometimes make the person unconscious, so to avoid these unpleasant incidences, your home must have proper ventilation and you should choose low-VOC or no-VOC paints.



Rugs and carpets are home to many unhealthy substances ranging from dirt, dust, pet dander, fungus, and many other substances that can cause asthma attacks and allergic fits in people. Moreover, the chemicals like formaldehyde used in the manufacture of carpets produce harmful gases within the house. Therefore, many health associations recommend avoiding such carpets completely, or only use the carpets with a non-toxic material make.

Spray bottle


Spray cleansers and other liquid cleansers are made to make our homes clean, however, it is surprising to know that some cleansers pollute the air with harmful chemicals present in them. Some tips for you all – never mix a chlorine-based cleanser with an acid based cleanser. The mixture of these two compounds release deadly chlorine gas.


The Cooking Range

Ventilation in kitchen is equally important as it is in a bathroom. A simple act of cooking produces nitrogen dioxide in the air that causes asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. The steam released while cooking is a promoter of unwanted mould growth. A way out is a good ventilation system.


Though it is not possible to completely avoid usage of any of the aforementioned pollutants, but you can always bring in use the tips to bring down the harmful effects to minimum.

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